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Longworth Chocolates began life as a hobby and this is how it became my business.

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My Story


Longworth Chocolates began life as a hobby for me and my son to be able to share some creative time together. However, after a little practice run my son decided it wasn't for him, which was a shame but that's life. 

Now, what do I do with all this chocolate and equipment I thought!....…


I dislike waste so I decided to use up the chocolate for a few family treats and sell the equipment but right there began my love of

creating chocolates and truffles. 

Having always been a little artistic, with a previous career as a wedding photographer, I found my chocolate happy place was making the chocolates look like little pieces of art or making bespoke pieces like the egg I was asked to make to hold a ring as a Christmas present for the wife of a customer, how lovely is that!

I have trained with award winning Chocolatiers Melissa Coppel and Mark Tilling, two of the worlds most renowned chocolatiers, as well as training at Callebaut’s Chocolate Academy in Banbury Oxfordshire, the company who make most the delicious couverture chocolate that

I use in most of my chocolates and truffles.

To date I have receive 100% top reviews, so why not pop over to the shop and make a purchase, I'd love to know what you think too.

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Amazing chocolates! They not only look stunning but taste even better. Would 100% recommend. Friendly and fast service, always happy to help and provide information about all the chocolates


—  Nikola

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